Video Sharing

Date : 2014-12-17 03:08:37

 PI would like to express my great appreciation to all of the brides for sharing me with their masterpieces on the wedding days.

   In addition, to cllollect other terrific works done by me is also one of my hobbies; therefore, please also provide me with other wonderful works done by photographers and videographers. 

Elena & Jack ♥ 829 Days from Origami Heart on Vimeo.

hoto by Big Al Studio, more photos :




Maggie & Jimmy's Wedding Highlights from Summerfield Films on Vimeo.

Shirley & Tommy from TreeBark on Vimeo.





Lex & Una from TreeBark on Vimeo.



Edwards Garden Wedding | Stephanie & Cory from Focus Production on Vimeo.



Leo & Tammy from TreeBark on Vimeo.



Javier & Camille from TreeBark on Vimeo.



Ivan & Dayna from TreeBark on Vimeo.



Joelle & Thomas from TreeBark on Vimeo.



Christine & Ray from TreeBark on Vimeo.



Candice & Ronny from TreeBark on Vimeo.



I-Lang & Feng from peggy lee on Vimeo.



Jean & Jeff from peggy lee on Vimeo.